CrossManager is a standalone software allowing you to convert files from most CAD formats.

With Cross Manager, You just need to select one or several CAD files to translate them automatically in the format you want.


Datakit provides integrated plug-ins for the following softwares. It can import or export different formats in the concerned software.


CrossCad/Ware allows software vendors to integrate Datakit technology into their own application.

Datakit libraries provide you a full-documented Application Programming Interface (API) to enable interoperability among CAD systems.

Why use Datakit libraries?
Libraries are an efficient solution for software companies that currently integrate Datakit solutions for CAD data exchange as components to their own software.

These libraries allow access to the information stored in native data files such as 3D & 2Dgeometrical and topological data and all the concepts of dimensions, tolerances, features, and annotations…

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